In-Clinic Hemodialysis

Our hemodialysis services within the clinics have preferential hours for tourists as well as 24/7 service.

We have hemodialysis within hospitals in case of feeling more security due to the proximity of hospital and emergency services.

We also offer internal medicine services and nephrology with bilingual and certified doctors.

VIP Hemodialysis

VIP service is provided at home for patients with difficult mobility or for patients who do not want to be exposed to COVID-19.

We have shuttle service to clinics and hospitals.

Accepted insurance plans

What our patients say

I’ve been going to Mexico on holiday since 1999 and I love it, but in 2017 I started Dialysis  and just thought that my traveling days were over. 

I managed to find San Javier Hospital and Dr Alfonso A. Contreras Gallardo and his team. 

I first went in 2018 for a three week break and was extremely impressed with the care I received, so much so that in 2019 I spent eight weeks in Puerto Vallarta and received all my treatment at San Javier.  The Doctor and his team were amazing, the hospital is very clean and my treatment was more efficient than I receive in the UK, the Doctor is there every day and speaks excellent English, I would recommend every thing about this team from the reception staff to the nurses, so don’t let dialysis stop you from living, let The Doctor and his team look after you. 

Claire Osborne